WHO ARE TOSCANATOUR? Even before it was called this, I (Paola) began managing holiday houses and apartments in Cecina Mare.

My first child, MICHELE, was born in 1988 and I stopped work. In 1991 my second child, ALBERTO, was born..

I began taking the children around the countryside to help them appreciate the hundreds of different colours and scents of nature. Together we admired sunsets from hilltops, visited farms and small holdings with their animals, and walked through the little cobbled streets of the hill-towns. I began talking to the stewards, the farmers and the old folk sitting outside their houses in the old town centres.

From this came the idea to combine my various experiences and the need to work, to set up my own business. I lived in Thun, Switzerland for 10 years and so know the language quite well and speak perfect “Bernese”, have several years experience in the tourism, have the good luck to live on the Etruscan coast with beautiful hills behind and a glorious sea in front. Taken individually, these experiences are not very significant, but together they turned out to be a source of strength when combined with a love of the sea and culture and a passion for nature, good wine and food.

So my third child, TOSCANATOUR, was born and with the same enthusiasm as in those early days, I try to transmit my love and passion for what we have to my clients. Those who come to me understand what I mean because these are the things they are looking for!

And those who are already clients, came back!